Stray Cat Adopted By Policemen Surprised Them With The Cutest Addition To The Force

A stray cat had been wandering around the Busan Police station in Pusan, South Korea, and walked up to an officer, meowing very loudly.


Source: Busan Police

The officers discovered she had wantedto show them her big surprise - she was pregnant!


Source: SBS

They had seen her a few months before, when they had tragically found a previous litter of her kittens dead after being hit by a car. They had to bury the babies while the mommy cat watched from a distance.She disappeared after that, but they were delighted when she showed up again, out of nowhere, pregnant. This time, however, she stayed right at the guard post to give birth to her litter of four kittens.


Source: Busan Police

The policemen, all doting on the cat, made a cosy bed for her and even cut the umbilical cord after her delivery.


Source: Busan Police

They named her "Molang", which means "don't know", because no-one knows where this beautiful calico cat came from.


Source: Busan Police

Molang and her kittens now "work" at the Busan police station and everyone knows and loves the family.


Source: Busan Police

The officers play with them, feed them and make beds for the cats out of old boxes. The four kittens are growing up at the station, their forever home.


Source: Busan Police

The town ofPusan is safe in the hands of these adorable officers!


Source: Busan Police