Stolen Pug Goes Into Total Frenzy When Reunited With Her Mum

Unless you've experienced it, it's hard to imagine the extreme pain and discomfort of having apet taken from you. And when it's purposely taken away by somebody else, the blow is even worse.It's horrible to think about, butsadly not that uncommonfor a pet to be stolen from their poor parent.So Kate Witham was obviously heartbroken when her pup went missing in Harlow, Essex, in August of last year.


Source: @YouTube/ EssexPolice

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending: after days of anxious waiting and wondering, Witham was reunited with her beloved pug Lola thanks to Essex Police.Witham says:

I had been so worried about Lola since she went missing so when I got the call from the police I was over the moon. As soon as I saw her, her little tail went into overdrive and I instantly knew it was her. 

Source: @YouTube/ EssexPolice

Lola's can't contain her excitement when shecatches sight of her lost mum, bounding up to her and jumping into her arms! She proceeds to wriggle around and lick her mum all over, showing her just how much she missed her.Witham joyfully concludes "I am just so happy to have her back".We'll let you enjoy the tender reunion for yourself right here: