Stockholm Attack: The Moving Images Paying Tribute To "Iggy" Spread Around The World

The terrorist attack in Stockholm on Friday, April 7, took the lives of four people and injured dozens of others. Among the numerous tributes, photos of the improvised memorial dedicated to Iggy, a young rescuedog who was killed in the attack, are making their way around the world.


Source: Dogs Aid

It was Markus Krantz, 37, a local, who made the first effort to assure the animal's death wouldn't be forgotten. The death of the dog, named Iggy, was mentioned in newspapers, but there were no tributes organized at the site of the attack."No one had left flowers or lit a candle at the spot where the dog had lost his life during the attack last Friday," wrote Krantz in a message shared on Facebook, "so we decided to create a small memorial."


Source: Markus Krantz

Saturday, April 8, he returned to the site of the events and left treats, a candle and a collar belonging to his dog Ebba, who died the year before.In a few hours, the photoof the improvised memorial was shared tens of thousands of times on social media and incited a number of moving tributes.Quickly, Dogs Aid, the association who had found a new home for Iggy in 2012 shared their own message. The Irish rescue organization posteda photoof the dog accompanied by a message:

We are deeply saddened to learn that one of our dogs was killed in the terrorist attack in Stockholm. DOGS AID IGGY found his beautiful home in Sweden in 2012. R.I.P. beautiful, special boy. Our thoughts are with IGGY'S family. They loved him so much and gave him the best life imaginable.

Source: Marie Schröder/Facebook

In just a few days, Iggy's memorial was covered with objects from countless people who wished to pay their respects to the victim who could have been forgotten. The images of the sidewalk covered in flowers, candles, messages or even dog treats and toys have beenspreadby large media organizations around the world.


Source: Denise Dayan/Facebook


Source: Hana Platbardis/Facebook

"Thank you with all my heart for offering Iggy this special tribute. I'm touched that you gave him the recognition that he deserved as a victim that no one paid attention to," concluded one commenter in response to the touching memorial initiated by Markus Krantz.

Andrea A.