Stevie, The Blind Rescue Cat Who Loves Hiking And Exploring With Her Human

Stevie, the blind cat, was in a shelter in Cork, Ireland when herhuman, Patrick Corr rescued herfour years ago. Since then, the two have been inseparable and surprisingly for a cat, Stevie shares Patrick's love for hiking and exploring.Despite being blind, Stevie wanders off on her own exploring the mountains and has never once lost her track. She's also happy going on Patrick's shoulders or walking along on a lead.


Source: @PatrickCorr

Despite Patrick's two kids and fiancée, Stevie is and always will be his best friend. He told BoredPanda:

Stevie has always been an inspiration for me and continues to be with her courage, tenacity and her great love of life!

Source: @PatrickCorr

It's not often we see cats who like going on adventures, although Jesper the cat did surprise us all with his passion for skiing! But Stevie is truly an exceptional cat. The fact that she is blind yet manages to walk up mountains exploring every nook and cranny is seriously impressive.

Stevie reminds us all to never let anything stand in our way.


Source: @PatrickCorr

You can watch Patrick's homage toStevie here: and Stevie are currently about to embark on a big hike this month up Ireland's highest mountain Carrauntoohil to raise money for animal welfare in Ireland. You can help support the awesome duo here.