Starving Dog Whose Organs Had Begun Shutting Down Finds Reason To Live Again


When the volunteers at Rescue From The Hart Shelter in Van Nuys, California, received a call about an abused dog, they did not realize how bad the situation would be.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

Angel had been deliberately starved for months and was one of the most severe cases they had seen.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

She was so emaciated that her organs had begun shutting down. She was weak, listless and on the brink of death. Her own paws could not even hold her upright.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

The volunteers knew she would need a miracle to come out of this alive, but they were not planning on giving up.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

They had visitors at the shelter to pet Angel and give her hope, and also gave her all the medical care she needed to get back into shape.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

The team started giving her small amounts of food, so as not to upset her fragile stomach - too much food too quickly could have killed her.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

Little by little, Angel started getting stronger, until one day, she could finally stand up on her own. Her legs were strong enough to hold her little body up.She started picking up a healthy amount of weight and making some friends at the shelter. She learnt to trust people after her traumatic and terrible past, and also to believe inherself again.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

Angel's miraculous recovery took months, but it was all worth it in the end. She found the will to live again, and she also found a loving forever family who adopted her and gave her a second chance at life.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

With her new family she got another pup to play with and a garden where she can run all day long.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

If you would like to donate to Rescue From The Hart shelter and support them in rescuing more animals that deserve loving homes, just like Angel, click here.


Source: Rescue From The Hart/YouTube

The rescue foundation posted an incredible video of Angel's transformation. You can watch the heartwarming sequence below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B366lt4N7z0[/embed]

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