Starving Dog Saved At The Last Minute In Ardennes, France


In Ardennes, northern France, a dog, aged just three years old, was saved from extreme starvation. The Shepherd-Beauceron cross named Jaya, weighed only 10 kilos when she should have been around a healthy 35.The charity who found her, La Lisa, said to L'Union (article in French):

She was in a state of extreme starvation, dehydrated and barely able to stand up.

The poor animal was at death's door and things weren't looking good. Completely malnourished, Jaya was in a weakened state from hardly coming out the cellar where her owners has clearly stopped feeding her.Sabrina, president of La Lisa, said that "in another two days, she would have died" making her rescue all the more miraculous.The owners had already been warned after numerous reports of their home had been called in by concerned neighbours. The owners, in an attempt to defend their actions, said that they intended to take the animal to a veterinarian shortly. However, there was no certainty behind these words so La Lisa filed a complaint against them.

Source: L'Union

Jaya is now making a full recovery, having been taken to a vet where Sabrina says she is "more optimistic" about her condition. She will soon be up for adoption in the hope that she will find her much needed and much deserved, forever home.This incident occurred just four months after the unbelievable discovery of the little Yorkshire Terrier who had been abandoned in a cave in the same area.

H/t: L'Union