Starving Dog Refuses To Leave His Rabbit Friend Behind When Help Arrives


Dan O'Grady, a truck driver from Ohio, was on his usual route, driving through Jacksonville, Florida, when he spotted a dog on the side of the highway looking lost and hungry.The Good Samaritan and animal lover couldn't imagine leaving the little guy behind, so he turned around and pulled off to the side of the road.Only, the Jack Russell Terrier didn't seem to want to be helped. Anytime O'Grady approached, he would run off towards the woods, then come back.


Source: Humane Society Summit County

The truck driver soon realized the dog was trying to show him something. He made his way over to the trees and found a white rabbit hidden under a bush.The bunny was a domestic variety and seemed to be starving as well.The kind man took the dog and rabbit with him in the truck, where he decided to name them Highway and Interstate, respectively.


Source: Humane Society Summit County

He fed the two animals, sandwich meat for the dog and salad for the rabbit, and drove to the nearest animal shelter.Unfortunately, this particular shelter didn't take rabbits, so Interstate would have to find somewhere else to go.O'Grady had remembered seeing rabbits at his local Humane Society shelterin Ohio, so he gave them a call to confirm they would be willing to take in the furry creature.


Source: Humane Society Summit County

When they said yes, he drove the almost 900 miles to make sure Interstate would get a home.Highway has already been adopted from the shelter, and once his rabbit friendreached a healthy weigh, he was adopted on February 10, as well.The duo was so lucky to have each other, and to have a kindly stranger pass by at just the right moment.


Source: Humane Society Summit County

As the Human Society Summit County said on their Facebook:

Dan O’Grady literally went the extra mile to rescue Highway and Interstate. We depends on good samaritans like Dan who rescue injured, abused and abandoned animals.

You can donate to the Summit County humane society to help the adorable rabbit on his road to recovery as well as the many dogs and cats who need support as well, here.

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