Starving Dog Found Eating Carcass In The Street Can't Stop Playing With New Family


St. Francis, orFrannie for short, is a German Shepherd who recently underwent the most incredible transformation. In December, she was found on the side of the road eating the carcass of another dead animal.


Source: Large Paw Rescue

Val's Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescueclose to Houston, Texas, was alerted about the dog and went straight to the spotshe had beenseen. They searched for hoursand were just about to give up when one volunteersaw what looked vaguely like a dog lying curled up in the bushes.


Source: Large Paw Rescue

They approached with caution but soon realised this dog was harmless as she had no energy and no life in her emaciated body. She couldn't even move, so the volunteers had to pick her up and carry her to the car. The site Life With Dogs published the rescuer's account:

I still remember pulling a leaf off her cheek, and blood began to drip.

It was a cold day with temperatures below freezing and the pup surely wouldn't have survived if she hadn't been saved that very morning.After being taken to Vergi Animal Hospital in Houston, it was discovered that Frannie was suffering froma range of health issues. She had anaemia and was so starved, the medical team had to give her IV fluids with lots of vitamins to slowly reintroduce food into her system. The pup was so underweight, there was a moment when her rescuersthought she might not make it.


Source: Large Paw Rescue

But the pup made a miraculous turnaround and was transferred to her first medical foster home only a few days later. Jill Washburn, her foster mom, took Frannie to the vet every few days to have her glucose, protein and electrolyte levels checked, and looked after her until she was able to eat small, solid meals every six hours.


Source: Large Paw Rescue

Amy Boram Wilson was the next foster mom who took the German Shepherd in, continuing the upkeep of her medical visits. These two foster moms gave Frannie the first taste of love and affection she'd ever experienced.


Source: Large Paw Rescue

On February 27 a very lucky couple got to take this dog home and adopt her permanently. Jack and Jan Long are the most loving parents Frannie could have hoped for, and at their home she can run, eat and play all day. Her parents even adopted another dog, who has become her best friend.


Source: Large Paw Rescue

While her traumatic past still causes her to be wary of new things, Frannie is embracing her new life with the energy of a puppy. She finally has the forever family she always deserved.


Source: Large Paw Rescue

If you'd like to support Val's Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue, click here to make a donation so that they can continue helping abandoned dogs.


Source: Large Paw Rescue

Watch an adorable video of Frannie below, where she is playing in her brand new swimming pool at her home.

Check our Frannie and her new pool.Publié par Val's Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue sur dimanche 1 mai 2016

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