Sneaky Puppy Escapes From Home To Go On Midnight Adventures In The Funniest Way


Va is a very mischievouspuppy who lives with his human in Vietnam. The sneaky dog was recently caught red handed doing something his owners never expected, sneaking out.

Source: Facebook/Thuy Vu

His human discovered the sly pup's late night adventures when she installed a surveillance camera in their garage. To their absolute shock and amazement, they checked the footage the next day to see the little dog making a very impressive escape.At around 10:10 pm, presumably, when his family has gone to sleep, Va makes jumped onto a motorcycle and then squeezed himself out of a tiny hole in the garage door.

Posted by Thùy Vũ on Thursday, 20 July 2017

Then, around 2 and a half hours later, at 12:50, the talented pup manages to make his way back home and into the garage by jumping up and squeezing through another hole in the door.Va's family is still unsure about where their dog goes on his late night escapades but presume he heads out to meet friends or walk around the neighborhood.Va's human Thùy Vũ, told The Dodo:

He is growing, so he is very rebellious.
 Posted by Thùy Vũ on Thursday, 20 July 2017

Luckily for his humans, Va will soon grow older, calmer and bigger, meaning he probably won't be able to squeeze through the door for much longer.Thùy Vũposted the videos of her dog escaping and coming back during the night on Facebook, and the hilarious videos have now amassed over 1 million combined views, with people from all over fascinated by the brave little escape artist.

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