This Cat Is Best Friends With A Lonely Grandpa And Has Completely Changed His Life

Andrea A.

When Akiko DuPont decided to give her 94-year-old grandfather a cat to keep him company, she never imagined the change the feline would bring to his life.

Source: Akiko Dupont

After losing his job because of health issues, Jiji, Akiko's granddad, lost his cheerful zest for life. But everything changed when Kinako, an adorable ginger cat, came into his life.

Source: Akiko DuPont

Jiji and his new 4-legged friend hit it off immediately and ever since they've stuck together like glue. The 2 friends do everything together: Sleep, eat, read the news... They are truly inseparable! Jiji spends lots of time playing with the energetic kitty too, keeping them both occupied and happy.

Source: Akiko DuPont

Kinako's soft purrs have helped the old man forget the pain of his illness and find his smile once more, along with other, less obvious benefits. As well as being a very effective guard against loneliness and a source of love and affection, cats have been proven to help combat anxiety and lower blood pressure!

Source: Akiko DuPont

If you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting through one of your local shelters, such as theASPCAif you are from the U.S. or theRSPCAif you live in the U.K.

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