Sick Dog Kept In Solitary Confinement Desperately Wanted To Be Loved


Sarah was living in the cotton fields of North Carolina. Her owner who loved her had passed away, leaving the two-year-old hound to his wife.


Source: PETA

But she didn't care for the dog at all.The canine was kept on a short chain outside in a pseudo-dog house, where she lived in what was essentially solitary confinement on the dirt floor covered in excrement.


Source: PETA

Sarah was extremely sick, with a treatable condition. She had dry eyes which caused them to produce mucus and crust over. With daily treatment this wouldn't be a problem, but the dog's owner didn't want to go near her.PETAwas called by the owner when Sarah started drooling excessively, fearing she had rabies. The sad truth is that it was most likely caused by stress and depression.Her owner told PETA:

I think she wants me to touch her, but she's yucky and I don't want to do that.

Source: PETA

They took the adorable pooch to the clinic where they discovered she had heartworms and fleas among other issues. Her body was so exhausted from battling her illnesses that her young body was more like a senior dog.But Sarah just wanted to be loved.When she wasn't sleeping, she was just looking to cuddle with her rescuers. Any and all affection had been kept from her at so long, that she wanted to make up for lost time.


Source: PETA

Once her medicine started working, she was able to regain the energy she had lost.The adorable hound was immediately adopted by a nearby family who had just lost one of their own dogs.The family had a Golden Retriever who had fallen into a depression without her canine companion, and Sarah was able to help fill the hole in her heart.


Source: PETA

Now the family is inseparable. Sarah loves curling up in the hamper and giving kisses to everyone she meets.The once lonely dog has all the love in the world from an incredible forever home.Watch the full video of the rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rRl32rWXag[/embed]


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