Shootout In Brussels: Police Dog Wearing Camera Was Sent To Front Line And Got Targeted


Yesterday, on March 15th,a police raid turned into a shootout in Forest, a district in Brussels, Belgium.The raid was taking place as part of the Belgian investigation surrounding the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris.Whilst it was meant to be a simple check-up, thesuspect entrenched himself in an apartment and opened fire on the police force.


Source : @LeMonde

So that the police officers could locate the suspect, a police dog with a camera attached to him was sent into the undefined territory where shots were being exchanged.But so many bullets were being directed towards the dog that he was pulled out of the danger zone before he was harmed.


Source : @LaCapitale

Their aim: to take as many photos as possible

The mission for these "camera dogs', as they're nicknamed, is to slowly go into the danger zones whilst turning around in order to get as many photos of the scene as possible.The police can view the footage live in order to evaluate the threat. "It's a good way to know what's happening inside, without putting human lives at risk," a police officer toldLa Capitale(translated from the French).


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The dog sent out in the front line yesterday in Brussels is one of 120 canines who works for the Belgian Federal Police Department.Most of them are Belgian Shephers, English Springer Spaniels and Border Collies.

Lack of protection

Sadly these police dogs hardly ever, or rather, never, have adequate means of protection. They are almost always refused bulletproof vests as it supposedly inhibits their movement and therefore their mission.Sincethe death of Diesel, the police dog who was killed during a raid in Saint-Denis following the November Paris attacks, the use of canines in these missions has been a topic of debate.


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Most animal lovers are particularly concerned with these dogs' lack of protection when they are sent out on the front line. We are too.

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