Shocking Video Shows Former Soccer Star Shoot Elephant In The Head, Pose Proudly Next To Corpse


Pascal Olmeta, a former goalkeeper for the French soccer team Olympique de Marseille, is an enthusiastic amateur hunter who follows his passion around the world. In one particularly shocking video that was uncovered by the Holidog Times editorial team, the sports star is seen taking pleasure in killing an elephant.


Source: Christophe Morio

It was from a hunting trip in 2012 in Zimbabwe, where he was accompanied by a "big game hunting guide", and where he had opted for a non-trophy hunt, a less expensive option, which meant that he would not take the head of the animal home with him.


Source: Christophe Morio

Once he'd identified the elephant, the sports star gets into position and aims for the head, leaving the animal no chance of survival. The following sequence shows the pair approaching the elephant on the ground, writhing in pain and groaning audibly. The guide suggests "Tire à la tête" (Shoot him in the head), and Olmeta pulls the trigger with a crack to the backdrop of the elephant's cries of distress.


Source: Christophe Morio

The two men celebrate and seem to congratulate each other. The last scene shows the former footballer posing proudly, with a big smile, next to the animal's corpse.


Source: Christophe Morio

In an interview with a French hunting site,,Olmeta talked about his passion:

If the occasion doesn't present itself, there's a good chance I'll create it! When it comes to hunting, one must do it with joy - we're not there to be in a bad mood! We're there to have a good time - that includes making jokes, making fun of each other and being silly! Maybe that's what irritates the stubborn environmental activists who always seem sad and strict like Amish with their worthless moral lessons!

Watch the full video here(warning: graphic content)[embed][/embed]Since the death of Cecil the lion, trophy hunting hasbeen a subjectof much criticism. But the mentality is still changing too slowly and regrettably, there are still many celebrities who continue to encourage a retrograde perception of animals. Their proud hunting stories suggest to a wide fan base that animals are no more than objects of which we can dispose, objects thatdeserve to be hung on our walls. For example, in Africa, 7000 lions are currently being raised in miserable conditions with the tragic fate of being killed by a trophy hunter.If you'd like to show your support, sign a petition from the International Fund for Animal Welfare to ban trophy hunting.

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