Shocking Video Shows A "Drugged" Lion Being Forced To Pose For Photos With Tourists

A few days ago, a video was leaked online of a 'drugged' lion cub which has revolted animal lovers and internet users all over the world. Footage taken at the Taman Safari Zoo in Bogor, Indonesia was shared by the Indonesian animal protection associationScorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group.


Source : @ScorpioMonitor

In the video, a lion is lying lifeless on a bench and forced to sit up so that a group of tourists can pose for photos with him.It looks like the poor animal has been deprived of sleep or rather, he may have been given a heavy dose of sedatives. The video shows him fast asleep on the bench as the zoo keeper drags his head upright and taps his face with a baton to keep him "in position".


Source : @ScorpioMonitor

Yulius Suprihardo, spokesperson for the conservation park, denied allegations of doping the lion, saying:

Lion cubs sleep for more than 12 hours. The lion in the video wasn’t drugged, he was sleeping.

But their excuses have not convinced animal rights activistsand internet users.Even if the cub wasn't drugged, it is still completely unethical to be disturbing his sleep by making him pose for tourists wanting a good 'holiday snap'.A petition has since be launched to end this sickening exploitation of lions at the Taman park.You can sign it here to make your voice heard too.

Andrea A.