Shocking New Footage Shows Angora Rabbits Screaming As Fur Is Ripped Out

Andrea A.

On Thursday September 15 the association One Voice revealed a new, shocking study involving hidden cameras in ten French Angora rabbit farms. The images, collected between February and July this year, are shocking.(Warning: graphic content)

"Torn straight from their bodies"

The images show animals being dragged out from their small cages, hastily strapped onto a table and then brutally "shaved". They cry out in pain and distress as their fur is pulled out by the fistful.


Source : One Voice

Muriel Arnal,the president and founder of the association One Voice, explains:

Rabbits suffer, they cry, this is unacceptable. Sometimes the skin is torn when they are plucked.

The investigators also noted that many "shaving" sessions are done in plain sight of the other rabbits in their cages. The association confirms that hearing those cries is a source of much stress.


Source : One Voice


Source : One Voice


Source : One Voice

No fur for winter

In general, the shaving process should take place in two parts to allow the rabbits to keep their fur and stay warm during winter. This is not the case unveiled in the investigtion - they observed a number of animals dying of cold at the peak of the season.


Source : One Voice

Calling for the closure of Angora farms

The reason One Voice chose not to name the particular Angora farms involved is so that these acts of cruelty do not look like isolated cases.Muriel Arnal continues:

We don't want to say that one farm is worse than another. We want to condemn the entire system and succeed in banning Angora farms and the Angora trade. We're ready to help the farmers to convert. There is no need for Angora as long as these farms breed the animals with no controls.

Source : One Voice

The association pressed charges of cruelty towards animals against the biggest Angora breeder in France. They then launched a petition to ban the breeding of Angora rabbits for their fur. To sign, click here.Watch the video of the investigation below (Warning: graphic images):