Shocking Investigation Reveals Goats Beaten And Diseased On "Organic" Farm


A new, shocking investigation was undertaken in March byPETA Germanyin an organic farm, in the North of Germany. Despite the label saying "Bioland", a national certification standard for organic consumption, the conditions in which theanimals are raised have been shown to be cruel and inhumane.


Source : Youtube/PETA

A video that was published on YouTube on April 4 revealed the cruel way in which workers treated the goats on this biological farm. The animals were regularly beaten and their well-being was far from being a priority.


Source : Youtube/PETA

The females are forced to give birth regularly in order to produce milk. The males are raised for a few months before being slaughtered for their meat, which is then sold at markets.Many of thegoats die as a result of the bad treatment and the violence they are exposed to daily. in PETA's video, corpses can be seen thrown on the ground and many of the other animals seem sick or injured.


Source : Youtube/PETA

There are strict German laws in place regarding the disposal of corpses, but these farm workers simply throw the dead goats behind buildings and cover them with a sheet.


Source : Youtube/PETA

Since the investigation was revealed, numerous measures have been taken. The farm owners are currently facing charges, as well as the two employees who were filmed mistreating the animals. PETA has also called for the veterinarian practice who investigated the farm to be charged for not having reported the terrible living conditions the goats were enduring.You can watch the full video of the investigation below:(Warning: graphic content)[embed][/embed]You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.You can also visit PETA and pledge to be cruelty-free.

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