She's So Desperate To Be Adopted She Dances Every Time A Human Walks Past


Ginger Rogers was abandoned and lived life as a stray dog before the volunteers atOrange County Animal Shelter in Orlando, Florida, rescued her. But sadly, the one-year-old girl has yet to be adopted.Every day, dozens of humans walk straight past her kennel, and it's difficult to get their attention and yelp, "Adopt me!"


Source: @OCAnimalServices

So now Ginger Rogers dances to get their attention. Up on her hind legs, she does a little jiggle... And it's simply adorable.The shelter wrote on Facebook when sharing the video, "Ginger Rogers is looking for a new partner!"

Ginger Rogers is looking for a new dance partner!Posted by Crystal L Kincaid on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The tragedy is that Ginger Rogers has sadly got heartworms, and although it is treatable, she needs a lot of medical care. So the shelter have waived her adoption fee.Even more reason for some lovely humans to come forward and offer her the love and care she desperately needs!

Featured image: @ABCNews

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