Sheepdogs In Heart Wrenching Condition After Being Kept In A Car For A Year


Two sheepdogswere found after having been kept in an SUV for over a year while their owner was homeless. The Society for the Protection of Animals in Quebec called it the worst case of abuse they had ever seen according to TVA Nouvelles.


Source: SPA des Cantons

Their hair had grown long and scraggly. They were covered in their own urine and excrement.


Source: SPA des Cantons

Due to their constant confinementin such a small space, they can no longer handle being indoors and stay instead in an outdoor enclosure.Both dogs are in a state of shock and can't seem to find much will to move. They spend their time lying with their heads on their paws.


Source: SPA des Cantons

They have since been washed and groomed, but it is not sure if they will be able to recover.The Quebecois government instated a law in December 2015 that allows authorities to remove animals from situations like this because cars are now considered "unfit domiciles."Despite this, there are not being any charges brought forth against the owner of the two sheepdogs.


Source: SPA des Cantons

Sadly, due to the horrible injuries they have sustained, both mental and physical, authorities have to decide whether they should be euthanized.To see the full video on the subject, watch below.

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