She Won Over The World With Her Kind Heart, But Khalessi The Disfigured Dog Has Just Passed Away

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Khalessi, the incredible female Pit Bull whose story shook the whole world, passed away on Thursday June 23 at 8:43am.

The miracle dog was in a terrible state when they found her, suffering from injury and starvation in a park in Orlando in the US last August.


Source: @Passion4Pits

Several of herribs were broken, herback legs were dragging behind herand herspine was severely damaged.Worst of all, Khalessi’smuzzle was completely disfigured, someone had cut it off.With no nostrils, the poor dog wasforced to breathe through hermouth.Stephanie Paquin and her husband, Mike, the founders of the charityPassion 4 Pits, tookKhalessi to an emergency vet clinic inHays Town,Hudson, New York, when surgeons worked for over five hours trying to reconstruct her face.


Source: @Passion4Pit

Dr. Colby Burns, who was in charge of the operation, told the site

We’re going to elevate some of this tissue and bring it around to the front to allow that to heal, while actually creating two openings so she has a nasal passage.

Between August and January, Khalessi spent a lot of time being operated on and the rest of her time recovering.

But throughout this difficult time, she was constantly supported by her two rescuers, Stephanie and Mike, who offered her all the love in the world. She revealed her affectionate personality, always up for playing with her family!


Source : @Passion4Pits

Over the past few months, Khalessi has moved people all over the US. The dog was even honoured with a prize at the television show, “World Dog Awards”.

She finally got some well-deserved national recognition for her relentless battle and trust in humans despite her tragic start in life.

Khalessi has been through so much this year, and we are so honored to give her this years Underdog award!Posted by World Dog Awards on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sadly, Khalessi's bad health quickly caught up with her when she was diagnosed with both an incurable kidney disease.


Source : @Passion4Pits

“Whether she’s here six months, 12 months, or six years, she will get the best possible care, and she will deserve it”, Mike told thesite Dogster.But the disease finally got the best of Khalessi.In a Facebook postjust a few hours after she died, her human Stephanie Paquin said:

Khalessi told me she was ready and I could see she was tired. This morning at 8:43 Khalessi left this world and left a huge hole in my heart. Devastating is not even close to describing how we feel. However her memory and her foundation with continue on.

Source : @Passion4Pits

Khalessi's story brings hope to everybody who has been through the worst and continued their fight to survive. Our thoughts go out to her human family.

Click here to find out more about Passion4Pits, the organisation founded by Khalessi's saviours Stephanie and Mike Paquin.

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