She Was Tragically Abandoned In The Road, A 3Kg Chain Tight Around Her Neck

Roxanne the one-year-old female Pit Bull was found roaming the streets of Columbia in South Carolina, US, with a 3kg chain around her neck.


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Though we'll never know exactly how long this dog was dragging the heavy chain around for, there's no doubt it was a sickening ordeal. By the time she was rescued, the dog's head was hugely swollen and her whole body racked with torture.

Since Roxanne weighed just 20kg, the chain weighed 10% of her body mass. It was fixed very tightly around her neck, causing this unusual swelling of the face.


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You can only imagine the female Pit Bull's physiological and psychological trauma, and the state of shock in which her rescuers finally found her.

From then on, Roxanne was looked after at a veterinary clinic in South Carolina, where doctors began the perilous task of removing the chain. This was no easy feat considering the size of the chain, and the very little space between it and the animal's neck. Luckily, they managed to break the chain with the help of some very large pliers, before moving Roxanne to the emergency room.


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The dog was in critical condition, risking an internal haemorrhage which would certainly spell out the end for her. But Roxanne defied the vets' pessimistic prognosis and remarkably, she emerged unscathed.


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The swelling in her head gradually went down over the next few days to its original size, the extent of her bruising becoming apparent. These bruises are the last remaining scars of everything the dog has been through.

We are so glad that the dog is now facing a much brighter future.


Source : @Facebook