She Was Stranded All Alone On The Rocks, Crying In Distress. Her Saviours Got There Just In Time

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An incredible rescue took place in July 2015, near Hartley Bay on the Canadian coast in British Columbia. Early in the morning, a man who was passing by caught sight of a baby orca beached on the rocks. The animal was clearly in a state of panic, crying out in despair and calling for help.


Source : @ForWhales

The man didn't wait any longerto seek help. The coastguards jumped into action with the help of marine mammal specialists ForWhales and WWF.It was vital that theyact quickly, since nobody knew how long the animal had been trapped there.


Source : @ForWhales

Upon arrival, the rescuers came up with the ingenious idea of a water pump, enabling them to keep the orca hydrated throughout the rescue mission.Not wanting to add to the animal'sstress, they approached slowly and covered her with sheets soaked in water, essential for protecting her fragile skin from the sun's killer rays.


Source : @ForWhales

The rescuers remember:

It was a team effort, and fortunately on some level this transient orca understood that we were trying to help.

But the operation was a delicateone, and took much longer than anticipated. They continue:

She cried often, which tore at our hearts.

Source : @ForWhales

Luckily, the end was in sight. With the tide coming in, the trap slowly began to open up.After six long hours, there was finally enough water for the whale to head back to sea. She was met with a round of applause as she started swimming towards her family waiting further off in the bay, worriedby the cries of the young female orca.


Source : @ForWhales

Watch a video extract of the moving rescue:


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