She Was Once Found In A Rubbish Bin, But This 4-Pawed Amputee Is One Very Happy Pup

When she was discovered in a rubbish bin in South Korea, this dog destined for the meat trade was suffering from unimaginable pain. Thankfully, the charityARME (Animal Rescue Media & Education)managed to rescue two-year-old Chi Chiand today she is happier than ever,The Dodoreports.


Source : @Chi Chi of ARME

In some countries, like South Korea and China, dogs are bred in order to be eaten. And this was the case forChi Chi, a two-year-oldGolden Retriever who was meant to end up on the plate of a South Korean peckishfor some"gaegogi", their word fordog meat.When they found the young dog, her paws had been tightly bound, and she had clearly been hung. Worse yet, her torturers wanted to make sure her flesh would be as tender as possible on consumption so they force-fed her.Monique Hanson, one of the rescue team who saved Chi Chi, toldThe Dodo :

 She was hung from her legs for so long that her bindings started eating through her flesh.

Source : @Chi Chi of ARME

Chi Chi was thrown away alive into a garbage can after her breeders no longer saw her fit for consumption. Her paws were so wounded and infected that they thought her 'meat' would be rancid. But luckily, that wasn't the end for the poor girl...


Source : @Chi Chi of ARME

Nabiya Hope Project is a group of South Koreans who rescue dogs like Chi Chi. Thankfully, they discovered the Golden Retriever just in time, and with the help of the ARME charity, they saved her life. Monique Hanson added:

She was found in a very well-known slaughter region in South Korea for dogs and cats. It was really by luck they saw her in there and that she was still alive.

Source : @Chi Chi of ARME

Chi Chi was taken to the vets immediately, where they had to amputate her four paws because her injuries were so severe.But the gorgeous girl was so brave throughout and she even managed to learn how to get around despite her surgery.She's now able to run thanks to her own little set of wheels!


Source : @Chi Chi of ARME

Chi Chi is incrediblyaffectionate and playful despite her horrific past. So it's no wonder that after a few weeks, the Howells family from Arizona, US, fell completely in love with the Golden girl and adopted her. Her forever family already have a couple of other rescue dogs and will take enormous care of her and make sure she lives a very happy life.


Source : @Chi Chi of ARME

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