She Was Lost At Sea For 5 Weeks But The US Navy Just Found Her Alive On A Remote Island

Five weeks ago, a one-and-a-half year old German Shepherd-Husky mix called Luna jumped off a boat in the Pacific Ocean north of San Diego, US. Reported missing, she was presumed dead. But a few days ago, the US Navy miraculously found her aliveon a remote island.


Source : @NBCSanDiego

At the start of February, Luna went on a fishing trip with her human, Nick Hayworth but when he wasn't looking, shejumped off the boat into the sea.Despite searching for the dog everywhere, with the help of the naval base in Colorado, she was nowhere to be found and presumed dead.The boat was 2 miles offshore from San Clemente Island in California soit was hoped they would find her there. But still no luck.


Source : @NBCSanDiego


Source : @NBCSanDiego

But on the morning of Tuesday March 15th, five weeks after the youngdoghad disappeared, Navy staff reported to work on an island 80 miles off the coast of San Diego, andthey foundLuna!She was still alive, although a little malnourished. The naval base told news channelNBC :

She was sitting next to the road, and when she saw them, she came running up to them wagging her tail.

Source : @NBCSanDiego

When Hayworth heard his dog had been found, “he was ecstatic — jumping up and down,” according to a Navy spokeswoman. In fact, he wasn't surprised as he said his dog was a very strong swimmer and that she would have swam to the nearest land.But like us all, he was amazed how she managed to survive on the island for so long with so few resources. She probably survived off mice and dead fish that washed up on the island and apparently also had to weather a few violent storms.

ABC Breaking News ; Latest News VideosThe blue-eyed beauty is now safely back home with her parents.

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