She Was Found Chained To A Tree In A Park With Her Paws Frozen To The Ground

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In the early hours of 12th February, a woman saved a puppy's life when she was walking through a local park in Brooklyn, New York.Jennifer Williams has her own dog to thank for saving the puppy's life. Her dog discovered the little black puppy, now named Bindi, chainedto a tree in a shady area of Prospect Park, New York.Alone in the freezing cold, the little female puppy didn't even have the strength to barkfor help.


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The poor dog was chained up to a tree on such a short tether that she couldn't even lie down to sleep. Her paws suffered terribly from the record low temperatures in New Yorkat the moment: they froze to the ground.Jennifer Williams gently detached them from the ground and took the little puppy back to her home.The young woman spoke to the New York TV channelNBC4, saying:

She couldn't stand up for me so I just wrapped my coat around her and picked her up. 

Source : @NBC4

Bindi was soon taken in by theSean Caseyshelter in New York. The vets gave herpaws immediate medical care to ensure she could still walk on them despite herbadinjuries.


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But that wasn't the only problem, the little Pitbull-Lab mix was starving and was vomiting a lot when she first arrived at the vets'.Following a scan, the vets discovered three pieces of metal in her stomach.On Sunday, Bindi had surgery to remove them. The vets told thesiteExaminer:

We are happy to say that the procedure to remove the metal from her stomach was a success. After waking up from the anaesthesia she was given another blood transfusion and seemed to be in good spirits.

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No one knows how Bindi ended up with pieces of metal in her stomach, or how long she had been chained up to the tree in the park.One thing is for sure, she is a very lucky puppy.The founder of theSean Casey shelter said that Bindi's rescue should serve as a warning for dog parents during the freezing temperatures:

Any dog can suffer from the cold. Some can tolerate it a little bit better than others but no dog, animal or person should be left out in that weather.

Over the past few days, New York has seen a significant drop in temperatures. Dogs' paws can suffer from chilblains in these freezing temperatures, so make sure you know how to protect them.


Source : @SeanCaseyAnimalRescue

Once she's fully back on her feet, Bindi, this adorableLabrador-Pitbull puppy, will be put up for adoption.