She Wanted To Hide In A Corner And Disappear, But This Man's Love For Her Changed Everything

Angel is a one-year-old lurcher girl who was found abandoned in the streets of Kilkenny, Ireland, in July 2015.

But even after she arrived safely at the shelter, the Irish volunteers at PAWS Animal Rescue were completely shocked by her behaviour.


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The poor dog was clearly so traumatised from abuse and neglect that she wouldn't let a soul near her, let alone touch her.All she wanted was to be as invisible as possible, she wanted to disappear from the world that had been so cruel to her.So she constantly found the nearest corner in her kennel and buried her face into the wall, refusing to move. She was shaking with fear and the volunteers were terribly concerned.


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She would stay in the same position for hours, not wanting to look at the world or interact with any human.

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No one knew what it was that had happened to her to make her so terrified of the world. But the volunteers were led to believe that she had been a victim of severe abuse.


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The founder ofPaws Animal, Gina Hetherington, toldABC News:

Never had I seen a dog that was traumatised that much, mentally.

But when Michael McGrath, a man from Dublin, saw the heartbreaking video of Angel that was posted on the shelter's Facebook page, he knew he had to help her at once.


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So he adopted her immediately.


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After several months of caring for her, persevering in his attempts to comfort her and offer her all the love in the world, Michaelrenamed Angel, Cara, and she really was a different dog. Michael hada helping pawfrom his other lurcher, Jago.Jago and Cara have become very close and it's truly the start of a new life for this gorgeous dog who deserves so much love.Michael sent an update to the PAWS shelter, showing them Cara's transformation (she's a right chatterbox now!):[embed][/embed]