She Tragically Lost A Leg, But This Beautiful Elephant Is Walking Once More Thanks To This Man

This beautiful elephant is a little out-of-the-ordinary.


Source: @YouTube/ GreatBigStory

When Mosha the Asian elephant was seven months old, she was out walking in Thailand near the border with Myanmar.The legacy of Thailand's tragic history is still felt today, with land mines scattered across the country. These explosive traps pose a terrible danger to humans and animals alike.And Mosha had some very bad luck.Shestepped on a land mine and the explosion left her without a leg.


Source: @YouTube/ GreatBigStory

She spent two sad years in this terrible state, until the surgeon Therdchai Jivacatestumbled upon her at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation.He tells Motherboard that "she had to keep raising her trunk into the air to walk properly", with all 1,300 pounds of her weight resting on just one front leg.Jivacate knew that he had to do something to help.And help he did: as an inventor and expert in prosthetics, he managed to devise a prosthetic which will support Mosha's huge weight.


Source: @YouTube/ GreatBigStory

He has designed nine different legs for Mosha as he got bigger over the years, and with this newest leg, she can again walk just as she used to.


Source: @YouTube/ GreatBigStory

Mosha hasn't forgotten Jivacate and his incredible gift to her. He says:

I think she knows that I make her prosthetic legs as each time I come to the elephant hospital she makes a little salute by raising her trunk in the air.

Source: @YouTube/ GreatBigStory

You can watch the moving video of this special relationship just below:

The Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation is the world's first elephant hospital, taking vital care of these animals in Thailand.You can support their wonderful work by making a donation here.

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