She Never Forgot This Puppy Who Fought For Life. And She's Finally Taking Him Home

Libre is one dog who has come a really long way.After a rough start in life, this dog has found happiness at last in a loving forever home, reports The Dodo.


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Libre the four-month-old Boston Terrier was rescued on American Independence Day this year, when his neglectful breeder finally surrendered him to Speranza Animal Rescue in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The poor pup was severely underweight, dehydrated and his skin infested with maggots.


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But the rescue's founder Janine Guido wouldn't give up on him: she rushed him to the Dillsburg Veterinary Center, where Libre would receive the treatment he so desperately needed.


Source: @DillsburgVeterinaryCenter

They discovered the little puppy was suffering from demodectic mange, which had caused his hair to fall out and his skin to become crusty. Guido said:

I have never in my life seen a dog this close to death. He was literally clinging to life the first time I laid eyes on him.

It was clear it wouldn't be an easy journey for Libre. But he continued to fight for his life, gaining an enthusiastic social media following along the way who have supported his every step.


Source: @DillsburgVeterinaryCenter

Libre had one fan who just couldn't say goodbye. Janet Guido wrote in a Facebook post in July:

I want you to know I have cried myself to sleep the past few nights. And I wake up shedding tears for you too. My head has been racing about you. My heart has been hurting for you.

And finally, she made her decision. Guido officially adopted Librefrom Dillsburg at the beginning of August, taking him home to join her seven other dogs and fosters.


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With a lot of love and care, Libre's life has completely turned around and he's now pretty much unrecognisable from the sickly pup that arrived at Speranza a few months ago.


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Guido has expressed her extreme gratitude for everything his vets did for Libre:

Thanks to Libre's story, laws in Pennsylvania may be tightened up to increase penalties for animal cruelty.And Guido is one proud parent. She concludes: "I wish I could put in to words how happy that made me feel [to take Libre home]."


Source: @CurtWerner

Keep up with Libre, the Bug Eyed Miracle on his Facebook page.If you'd like to help out with his medical costs, consider making a donation here.

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