She Kept A Tragic Secret Inside Her Own Body Until They Finally Discovered The Truth


They named this dog Mama because she was taken out of a shelter with only her little puppy beside her. Mama was always a shy dog, but nobody could work out why.The foster group in South Carolinaasked theNorth Shore Animal League America in New York to transfer over Mama and her baby for adoption. The little pup found a home very quickly, but Mama wasn't quite ready for this yet.


Source: @North Shore Animal League

The dog had some issues with socialising and being around humans.Though they've seen some terrible things, they were truly shocked to discover what was inside Mama.


Source: @North Shore Animal League

During a routine check-up, the vets discovered some little bumps all over her body. Cindy Szczudlo, manager of rescue services, told The Dodo:

We did an x-ray and it was discovered the poor Mama was filled with birdshot, which is why she's probably so fearful when she's outdoors. Somebody must have shot her up with birdshot. 

These little pellets are normally used for hunting birds, but they found them throughout Mama's system.


Source: @North Shore Animal League

This birdshot is not dangerous to Mama right now, so there is no need to remove the pellets.However, it explains a lot about Mama's behaviour, particularly when she's outside since this is where the event probably happened. Szczudlo says:

When she's outside in a yard, she just wants to escape and go back indoors. She'll climb a fence to try and get out of the yard.

But apart from this, Mama is as loveable as can be. Inside the house, she is happy and playful and has so much love to give.


Source: @North Shore Animal League

The only thing Mama needs now is a forever home who will care for her throughout her heartworm treatment. If you are interested, get in touch with Szczudlo at [email protected].

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H/t: @TheDodo