She Entrusted Her Boxer To A Woman Who Moved Leaving Him To Starve To Death


Last November, Justine Stinett, an American working for animal shelters, entrusted Lucky, an adult Boxer mix, to a dog-sitter for fostering.The woman had several friends in common with Justine and was introduced as a militant for animal welfare, gaining the trust of Justine.At first, everything seemed to go well: Justine regularly received messages from the pet-sitter updating her that Lucky was doing great and even expressing her desire to adopt the dog.

But after a few weeks, Justine learned that Lucky missed his appointment with the vet. She attempted to contact the woman numerous times, but in vain. She didn't respond to her cell phone or home phone.


Source: Facebook/Justine Stinnett

Worried, she decided to show up at the woman's home. She recounted:

When I was finally able to get him back I was in shock. After only a few weeks in her care he was almost dead. Skin and bones.


Source: Facebook/Justine Stinnett

And for a reason: the pet-sitter moved leaving Lucky alone in a cage, left to fend for himself. "She left leaving the dog die." It had been long weeks of starvation for Lucky who had nothing left to eat; he lost more than 22 pounds.Immediately transported to the Woodland Animal Hospital, lucky has now started on his path to recovery. The veterinary care will be paid for thanks to the over $15,000 raised by internet donations, collected by Justine after the publication of the shocking photos of Lucky.


Source: Facebook/Justine Stinnett

Another dog, blind, was also found at the home of the young woman. An investigation, initiated by the Cobb Country Animal Control is in the works.

Here is a video of Lucky, extremely emaciated, filmed after the horrible discovery.

H/t: DailyMail