She Chose A Road-Trip Around The US With Her Poodle Instead Of Cancer Treatment


When Norma's husband Leosuddenly died last year, she found out two days later that she had uterine cancer. But instead of preparing to start treatment, Norma decided to hit the roadwith her son, her daughter-in-law, and their dog, Ringo. At the age of 90,Norma packed her bags and has since beentravellingaround the US in an RV.


Source: @DrivingMissNorma

Despite her illness, travelling around with her family seems to be doing Norma wonders. Her son, Tim, adds:

Norma currently is not in pain, her mind is sharp, she loves to travel, and she is remarkably easy to be around.

Source: @DrivingMissNorma

But it's Tim's8-year-old Poodle Ringo who has formed a special bond with Norma. The adventurous poodle has grown up on the road and loves his new companion, "Grandma". He acts as a therapy dog for Norma, and the Poodle isalmost twice her size!


Source: @DrivingMissNorma

From the Grand Canyon to Disney World, the motley crew have ventured all over the US and Norma's even gone up into the skies in a hot air balloon. She couldn't have the courage to do all this without her loyal four-legged companion, Ringo.

Ringo has taken his therapy role very seriously. Norma is not into the edges part of this adventure. He made sure she was calm while sitting on the edge of the abyss.Posted by Driving Miss Norma on Sunday, 8 November 2015

The group have dedicated a Facebook page to the 90-year-old lady, called “Driving Miss Norma”, and it has over 300,000 fans!

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