She Bids A Magical Farewell To Her Best Friend Of 17 Years


This friendship ended in the most beautiful way possible.Jesusita met her dog for the first time when he turned up at her door inEcho Park, Los Angeles, 17 years ago. And she just had to take him in.She called him Solovino, Spanish for "he came alone", and this was the startof an incredible friendship.


Source: @HomeDogLA

Jesusita didn't have it easy: she lived alone with very little money coming in, didn't speak any English at all and had no means of transportation. But she really loved this dog.They spent many years of joy and love together, up until the 17-year-old dog was starting to really struggle with the arthritis and other weaknesses common to old pups. When Solovino could no longer get up, Jesusita knew she had to do something to end his suffering.So she called up Home Dog L.A., a charitable organisation which helps parents keep their beloved pets by putting them in touch with access to the resources they need the most.With their support, Jesusita and her neighbour carried the dog to the car and bought him the last mealhe would ever eat, a burger for the hungry dog.


Source: @HomeDogLA

Sandra, counselor at Home Dog L.A. drove them to the vet last week, where Solovinowould receive humane euthanasia to give him a more dignifiedend. She says:

It was very emotional. We were all three crying. Me, her and the neighbor...it was really peaceful.

Finally, Jesusita had to say goodbye to her trusty four-legged friend. Solovino was put to sleep.


Source: @HomeDogLA

Thanks to Home Dog L.A., Jesusita was able to see her beloved animal off in the kindest way possible. The organisation provide pet parents who can't afford euthanasia at a veterinary hospital with an alternative to the animal control agencies, where they will be sent otherwise.You can help them to continue their life-changing work by making a donation. Rest in peace, Solovino.