Shameless Woman "Saved" Hundreds of Dogs To Collect The Donations And Abandon Them

Rescuing animals in need is one of the most noble causes out there. So when someone abuses the system to collect the money that was supposed to go to taking care of them for her own nefarious purposes, it is especially shocking.This is exactly what one woman in Arkansas did to the poor defenseless animals she claimed to be helping, reports The Dodo.


Source: Kendyll Briggs

When volunteers showed up to visit an abandoned property, they discovered 13 dogs in critical condition, and more who hadn't survived. They had been left to fend for themselves without any supervision.


Source: Kendyll Briggs

One 13-year-old dog, named Bless, had a severe eye infection which resulted in tear-like streaks down his face. He also had parasites and arthritis.


Source: Vet Ranch

He was one of many dogs who had reportedly been "rescued." They were taken out of legitimate shelters by a woman who claimed to be a representative of a charity organization.Karri McCreary of Vet Ranch, who has taken in five of the 13 dogs,told The Dodo:

She was given permission to be a representative of this rescue to pull animals. She actually was using her own PayPal account. So a lot of donations for these animals' care were being sent directly to her PayPal account for care that we know has not happened.

Investigators and police are all on the case looking for the woman who did this. It is not known how many other dogs she might have done this to, but it is thought that she might have taken dogs from Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas.


Source: Kendyll Briggs

Dallas DogRRRand Vet Ranchare working together to make sure these dogs get the medical care they so desperately need and ensuring that they will never return to a shelter ever again.


Source: Vet Ranch

The organization who the woman in question (who cannot be identified due to the impending investigation) claimed to represent, Ark-La-Tex Animal Rescue wrote on Facebook:

There is no excuse for what was done. The sheriff's office is collecting evidence and statements and we will be pressing charges on the responsible parties to the full extent of the law.

You can donate to help support the various organizations that are helping to nurse these dogs back to health at Vet Ranchor Abandoned Pet Project.

H/t: The Dodo