Severely Injured, This Pig Was Thrown Into A Trash Can And Left In Agony


At the beginning of December, a pig in agony was found by a passerby in the garbage of a breeder in the Loire-Atlantique department in the west of France. Still alive, the animal was in a severe state of shock and was whimpering in pain.


Source: Youtube/L214

Alerted by the cries coming from a transport tray of the farm, the pedestrian called the French organization Urgence Maltraitance Animale, who quickly sent a veterinarian to the site on December 3. Finding - as indicated by their report - that the pig was suffering from "hypothermia with bruising and blood suffusions" and would have "irredeemable neurological consequences," based on this he had to be euthanized to shorten his suffering.

The manager of the farm, which has 850 pigs and is called Bleu-Blanc-Coeur, confirmed that the big got stuck in a pipe, and believing him dead, an employee threw him in the trash.


Source: Youtube/L214

In a press release from December 28, the organizations Urgence Maltraitance Animale and L214 indicated that they were going to file a complaint against the farm, its management, and against the employee for abandoning a domestic animal and poor treatment. Abandoning a domestic animal is crime punishable by two years of imprisonment and 30,000 euros in fines.

The organization L214 published the video of the pig in order to criticize the abhorrent conditions in which pigs are raised on farms. It reminds viewers that 20% of pigs die before reaching the age where they will be brought to slaughter, due to the way they are treated.


Source: Youtube/L214

Like this pig, there are millions of others considered as simple merchandise and who live through hell each day on farms and in slaughterhouses. Another occasion for the organization to encourage consumers to turn towards a vegetarian diet: ceasing to eat meat, is to oppose the violence of farms, transports, and slaughterhouses, and everything the agri-food industry.

Besides diet changes, you can support organizations like Groin Groin, which runs a refuge for a number of pigs who have escaped the butcher and spend the rest of their days in peace.