Seth Rogen's beloved dog Zelda passes away


Beloved actress and comedian Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller-Rogen are mourning the loss of their precious dog, Zelda. In a heartbreaking Instagram post, Miller-Rogen shared the sad news and a collection of photos of their beloved furry friend, who had been a part of their lives for almost 14 years. She described Zelda as a unique and magical creature who taught them about love, resilience, strength, and kindness. Miller-Rogen also shared some of Zelda's quirks, such as her "gigantic buggy eyes" and "intense eye contact," as well as how she would "sit and wait to be called to walk through the metal detectors at the airport" and "run through them" to the delight of onlookers.

Zelda had endeared herself to many people and had even made appearances in three of Rogen's movies. Miller-Rogen's touching tribute to her dog also included a mention of the many works of Zelda-inspired art that she had inspired, including a lighter that had made its way into hundreds of homes. She wrote, "She had an incredible life and was lucky to have so many friends and shared her special love with so many people."

The Rogens had long considered Zelda to be their child, and her loss is undoubtedly devastating for the family. The couple's outpouring of love and grief for their furry friend has resonated with many, including fellow animal lovers who understand the deep bond that can form between a pet and their human family. Zelda's passing is a reminder to cherish the time we have with our animal companions and to remember the joy and unconditional love they bring to our lives.

In sharing their loss with the world, the Rogens have also brought attention to the importance of animal rescue and adoption. Zelda had initially been a shy puppy that nobody had wanted to adopt, but with the love and care of her new family, she had blossomed into a world-traveling movie star and beloved companion. As Miller-Rogen wrote, "She was a girl who was so shy no one adopted her as a baby who became a girl who traveled to multiple countries, appeared in three movies, on two magazine covers, and inspired countless works of Zelda-art."

The loss of a pet is never easy, but Zelda's memory will undoubtedly live on through the love and joy she brought to the lives of those who knew her, and through the many works of art and pop culture moments she inspired. As Miller-Rogen wrote, "She was truly the most special, magical creature," and her passing is a reminder of the profound impact that our animal companions can have on our lives.