Seriously Injured Dog Left Without Food Or Water In Overheated Trailer

At the end of May, a dog named Lindo was saved by the American rescue association,Guardians of Rescue, near Miami, Florida. The dog had suffered a serious head injury and was trapped in a trailer in direct sunlight for over a week, without water or food. His owner justified locking the canine inside by explaining that Lindo would have otherwise escaped to their neighbors land,who he claims would have hurt the dog.


 Source: Guardians of Rescue

However, Guardians of Rescue, not convinced by this excuse, was absolutely shocked by his behavior and added:

We found out that his owner opted to use Gentian Violet, which is an antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic medicine to treat the wounds, instead of taking him to a vet.

As soon as they took the dog into their care, they brought him straight to a veterinary clinic to determine how serious his injury was and finally begin to treat it. The wound had been infested with larva and the dog was dehydrated, malnourished and still suffering from other old, untreated wounds.


 Source: Guardians of Rescue

Lindo is now finally out of danger and on the road to recovery with treatment and antibiotics and the association hopes that they will be able to get justice for the canine:

Lindo suffered terribly in the past, but because of Redland Rockpit Abandoned Dog Project, The Guardians and all of our awesome supporters, he will never suffer again. Lindo will have the life he deserves with a family that loves and deserves him.

Source: Guardians of Rescue

Whilst cases of animal cruelty this extreme are rare in this region, there are always numerous cases of negligence and abandon every year. Guardians of Rescue saves dogs day after day that have been left by their owners.Tens of thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters each year, either due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Consider adopting before you shop, and visit your local shelters before going to a breeder. Every dog and cat deserves a fair chance at a forever home.If you live in England, you can visit the RSPCA, and if you live in the United States, you can visit the ASPCA to get more information about pets available for adoption.To support this association and help them to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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