Seriously Ill Senior Dog Carelessly Abandoned In Trash Bag Refuses To Lose Faith In Humans


Blackie, a sweet 10-year-old dog, was abandoned at the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California, in a garbage bag.


 Source: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

The senior dog had a tumor on her tail that was open and bleeding. Volunteers from the shelter assume that the canine had been placed in a trash bag to avoid any blood from the wound damaging the interior of her former owner's car.Luckily, Blackie was quickly taken in and cared for by staff at the shelter, who were stunned by her affectionate and energetic nature. KellySmíšek, director of the Frosted Faces Foundation (FFF), based in San Diego, told The Dodo:

She is eager to please, curious and quickly finds her human's side in times of uncertainty. But you can tell that her love has not been reciprocated for a long time.

Source: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

Despite her difficult past and bad health, the kind dog was more than willing to accept help and affection from her rescuers.Kelly Smíšek continues:

She slept for the entire car ride, and when she arrived at FFF, she wanted to sniff everyone and everything.

In only a few days at the shelter, it is likely that Blackie was given more love and care than she had had in years. Volunteers gave the dog all the care that they could, but the tumor continued to cause her pain.


Source: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

In her new loving environment, Blackie is getting stronger and stronger and in only a short time, should be well enough to undergo an operation on her tumor.If the surgery goes well, she is expectedto make a full recovery and staff hope that she will eventually go on to find a family ready to give her all the love and attention that she so desperately needs.Kelly Smíšek concludes:

We are privileged to be able to provide Blackie the care she desperately needed, offer the compassion that her family clearly did not qualify her for and we are honored to find her a family that she, FFF and all her virtual supporters will be proud of.

Source: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

Tens of thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters each year, either due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Consider adopting before you shop, and visit your local shelters before going to a breeder. Every dog and cat deserves a fair chance at a forever home.If you live in England, you can visit the RSPCA, and if you live in the United States, you can visit the ASPCA to get more information about pets available for adoption.

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