Senior Labrador Is Shot By A Burglar And Waits For Hours To Be Found


In mid-May, a 12-year-old Labrador named Polo was seriously injured by a bullet to the face during a burglary in Greenwood Village, Colorado.


 Source: CBS

While the circumstances leading up to the shooting are unknown, her family, who was away that night, found her laying in her own blood the next morning. Interrogated by the authorities, the neighbors claimed to have heard a gunshot during the night.Immediately rushed to the veterinarian, Polo suffered multiple injuries around her snout. Her jaw was broken, a number of teeth were blown out and her tongue was almost ripped off from the shock.


Source: CBS

Don Beebe, veterinarian who took care of the wounded Labrador, explained:

Got some initial X-rays of her head and we could see all the metal shrapnel throughout her mouth. We had to go in and remove the tooth fragments, the metal shrapnel embedded deep within tissues. Her poor tongue was almost ripped in two, but there was enough left to salvage.

Source: CBS

From her side, Taylor White, one of the emergency vets, was amazed by the exemplary behavior of Polo:

She surprisingly came in and was doing pretty well. When we got her on some pain medication, she was wagging her tail for everybody. She’s lucky that it went just through her nose and into her mouth, and not near her brain or anywhere else where she could have long-term consequences. The path of the bullet narrowly missed two major arteries in her jaw bone, and she easily could have bled out and died, and it’s amazing that she’s still with us.


Source: CBS

Polo has since recovered from her injuries thanks to the medical team. Sadly, no suspect has been arrested, but the investigation is still ongoing. A crowdfunding campaign was launched on GoFundMe to help cover the medical costs for Polo. To make a contribution, click here.You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.

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