Selfless Girl Starts Her Own Shelter At Only 14 Years Old, Now She Cares For Over 170 Animals

Chloé was only 14 years old when she created a shelter to help rabbits and other unwanted creatures in need in Isère, France.


Source: Les grandes oreilles / Facebook

The passionate young lady started the association, called "Lesgrandes oreilles" (big ears in English), in May 2014, after welcoming two rabbits into her home that her cousin no longer wanted, and before long, already had a third furry companion.With the support of her mother,Chloé started her ambitious project and created her very own shelter in the family shed at the bottom of the garden. The young girl quickly made a name for herself in the local neighborhood, particularly after visiting the majority of veterinarians in the vicinity.


Source: France 3

SPA shelters (the equivalent of the RSPCA in the UK and the ASPCA in the USA) only accept cats and dogs, soChloé quickly became responsible for over ten abandoned rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters and guinea pigs. The schoolgirl described in an interview with the French animal welfare association30 Millions d'Amis:

People buy rabbits for children who take care of them for the first three months but then they don't want them anymore. Then their parents give them away or put them out on the street because rabbits are supposed to be able to take care of themselves.

Source: France 3

Now, three years later, Chloé is the owner of a70 m2  plot where she homes her variety of furry residents while they wait to find a home.


Source: Les grandes oreilles / Facebook

In an interview withFrance 3, sheexplains:

 Every evening after I get home from class class, I spend between one and three hours feeding, cleaning and giving the animals all the care they need. There's always something to do. I don't get any holidays, I'm always here, even on Sundays.

Around ten volunteers now work for the association and take it in shifts to look after the animals. Chloe also relies on the support of a local veterinarian to help her with those in need of more serious treatment.


Source: France 3

As for food, she goes on supermarket trips every three months to pick up donations of dry food and litter.


Source: Les grandes oreilles / Facebook

In only three years, the young lady's devotion and strong support system have allowed her shelter to become home to 170 animals. The veterinarian who has supported this ambitious venture since the beginning concludes:

Chloé has a strong presence all throughout the association, if all shelters were run like this it'd be for the best.

Source: Les grandes oreilles / Facebook

To find out more about 'Les grandes oreilles'and support Chloé's amazing work, click here. You can also visit their Facebook page here and have a look at the animals currently up for adoption.

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