Scooter Has Tragically Died Just Days After Being Crowned The World's Oldest Cat

Andrea A.

Recently, at the age of 30, a Siamese cat called Scooter wascrowned the oldest living cat in the world by theGuinness World Records.But tragically, just days after breaking the record, Scooterhas passed away.His human, Gail Floyd, announced that Scooterdied on May 13 in his home in Mansfield, Texas.


Source : @Gail FloydThe adorable feline had been undergoing medical treatment since October 2014, when hebroke his leg. And although unclear, we are led to believe that he died peacefully in his sleep at home with his human.Heartbroken by the loss of her beloved best friend whom she'd known since 1986, Gail Floyd told theFort Worth Star Telegram:

He was so special. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over this. 

Source : @Gail FloydScooter led a very happy life alongside his human. He loved adventures and was a real-life feline globe-trotter.In fact, Scooterand his human managed tovisit a whopping 45 of the 50 U.S. states in his lifetime!


Source : @Gail FloydGail Floyd recently said that Scooter used to loveplaying with her hair and always followed her around everywhere, clinging onto her shoulders.The title to the world's oldest living cat will no doubt return toCorduroy,a 26-year-old cat from Oregon, U.S., who is still in very good health.