Royal pup Orla appears in Princess Charlotte's birthday portrait


Orla the cocker spaniel has made an appearance in Princess Charlotte's birthday portrait. The photograph, posted on the official Instagram account of Prince William and Princess Kate, was a continuation of the birthday celebrations for Princess Charlotte's eighth birthday. The picture was taken by Millie Pilkington, showing the princess holding Orla in a field of flowers. Orla was a gift to the family from Kate's brother, James Middleton, when his dog, Luna, had a litter of six in 2020. The royal family has a history of keeping dogs in the family; the couple had another English cocker spaniel named Lupo for nine years, and he passed away in November 2020, just weeks after Orla joined the family.

According to reports, the dogs have the life of luxury and often accompany the royal family on trips. Lupo traveled by helicopter at least once and even bumped noses with Prince Harry at a polo match. Being a palace dog has its perks, and with the monarchy's tight circle, even the dogs are kept in the family.

In addition to showcasing the bond between the crown and canines, Princess Charlotte's dual photos also reveal a trend of Kate sharing her own family snaps and increasingly utilizing portraits from non-her photographers. For Prince Louis's fifth birthday last month, Kate appeared in one of the photos of her youngest son, which was taken by Pilkington. These intimate birthday portraits give a glimpse into the lives of the royal offspring and highlight the importance of family within the royal family.

Orla is a recurring figure in the birthday celebrations of Princess Charlotte. Last year's birthday shots also featured the royal palace pup. The latest post is a thank-you to well-wishers for Princess Charlotte's eighth birthday. The dog is well known to the royal family and has probably sniffed where no other dog has been allowed to sniff before. The cocker spaniel appears to be a beloved member of the family and has been welcomed with open arms into the royal fold.

The Instagram post featuring Orla and Princess Charlotte is a delightful addition to the family portraits. It shows the princess growing up before our very eyes, with more teeth this time, thanks to the Tooth Fairy working overtime. The photos are a reminder that the royal family is not only composed of human members but also of furry four-legged ones that are part of the family dynamic.