Rottweiler Saves Her Human's Life With A Surprising Talent


Megan is a very talented three-year-old rottweiler. She lives with her human, Gary Gregory, in Suffolk, England, and has one extra special trick: opening the front door.This trick has always proved to be helpful and entertaining in the past, but became life saving when Gary fell ill, passed out, and needed urgent medical attention. The 32-year-old man couldn't be more grateful for his wonderful dog and gushes:

There's no doubt about it, Megan saved my life. People give Rottweilers a bad name but Megan’s such a gentle giant. I’m so grateful to her.

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He had been for an endoscopy the day before to look for gall stones in his pancreas, and unbeknownst to doctors, suffered a tear from the procedure, which left him bleeding internally.He woke up the next day feeling extremely unwell, and collapsed as he got out of bed. Gregory then hit his head and became unconscious.


Source: SWNS

Fortunately, the man came around for long enough to call emergency services and, thinking that he was going to die, send a message to his partner Sean. He then lost consciousness again. Gary describes the experience:

I remember thinking that I was going to die, and I had to tell Sean how much he meant to me.

His two other dogs, a black labrador named Heidi and a pug named Hugo, were frantically licking his face trying to wake their human up while Megan ran to the door.


Source: SWNS

Paramedics arrived shortly afterwards but were unable to enter the property as the door was locked.Initially, the medical team thought that the rottweiler was acting aggressively towards them and trying to scare them away from the house, but she was trying to do exactly the opposite.It was only when a neighbour told them to move the handle down, to deactivate the external lock, that Megan was able to intervene. She put her best talent to use and let the medical professionals in, allowing them to save Gary's life. He explained:

By letting the paramedics in, they were able to work on me. Without her, it would have been a different story. As long as Megan's around we know we'll be alright.

Source: SWNS

Gary was taken to hospital and stayed there for two days under observation. He is nowback home with his three dogs and Sean and will have an operation next month to remove his gallstones.Dogs for Good is a charity that provides assistance dogs to those in need, so that lives can be changed or even saved by these wonderful animals. To help this organization carry out their amazing work, you can click here to make a donation.

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