Rosie And Her Puppies Once Lived In A Ditch But Now They're All Happier Than Ever


This is the incredible rescue and rehoming story of Rosie and her babies. When Hope For Paws were alerted to the presence of a pregnant stray dog in Los Angeles a few years ago, they rushed to go and find her so that she could safely deliver her puppies.But when Eldad Hagar found her, he had to figure out whether she had given birth to her puppies yet. After gaining her trust, he realised she was lactating and so knew her puppies would be somewhere. But the problem was how he was going to findthem.


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Struggling for an hour to get Rosie to lead him to her litter, he had a brilliant idea to get up a video of the sound of puppies crying, to remind Rosie what she was looking for. It worked a treat.Rosie led Eldadto a ditch where her babies were safe and sound. She had probably hidden them there to keep them out of danger.


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She had complete trust in Eldadand let him pick them up and take her and her week-old babies to a car so that they could go straight to a hospital.When they arrived at START shelter, Rosie was so relieved to have some warmth and shelter for her and her babies.


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After the puppies had been weaned, they went to live with Veronica from The Dog Rescuers, where they received all the love and cuddles in the world.


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Meanwhile, Rosie found her forever home. Her new family love her more than anything in the whole world, and she couldn't be happier.


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And all her puppies found their own loving families. Two of them, called Hope and Spirit, were even adopted together!


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And one year after Rosie and her babies were rescued from that ditch, they had a reunion with all their new families!


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Thanks to the amazing work of all these animal-loving people, Rosie and her puppies have all been given the best chance at life. And they couldn't have been happier to see each other again!


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There are lots more abandoned dogs out there like Rosie and her babies that still need our help. You can find out how to help through the Hope for Paws website.

Watch the video of Rosie's rescue here:

Rosie's family from Hope For Paws on Vimeo.

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