Roosevelt, The Paralysed Border Collie In A Wheelchair, Skis Like A Champion


This isRoosevelt,the Border Collie. Roosevelt was bornwith deformedfront legs, and so his chances ofleading a happy, active dog life once seemedslim. So how on earth is he on skis?


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Luckily, Rooseveltmet the foster family of dreams throughthe NEBCR organisation, in New England, US, and they started a fundraiser to help build Roosevelt his own bespoke wheelchair.


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Well thankfully, some amazing people from all over the place managed to raise enough money for the gorgeous dog and change Roosevelt’s life forever. He got his very own wheelchair! And now Roosevelt goes around everywhere!But wow, does it get better...


Source: @YouTube

Now, let alone running around, fitted with a fresh pair of skis on his wheelchair, Roosevelt is now hitting the slopes! Who would have thought this dog would ever be seen skiing?!Watch Roosevelt on his skis here:

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