Riddled With Mange, This Baby Was Barely Recognizable


When a man came to a shelter in Temecula, California, to drop off a female piglet, the shelters didn't think she would make it. The little one had skin covered in mange, to the point of looking like she had formed scales all over her body.

Source: Sale Ranch Sanctuary

Jen Sale, the founder of Sale Ranch Sanctuary, explained to The Dodo :

She had an incredibly severe case of sarcoptic mange, which is one of the most severe types of mange you can get. If it’s not treated, it can be fatal.

Source: Sale Ranch Sanctuary

The shelter where the animal was left didn't have the capacities to care for pigs, so they contacted the Sale Ranch Sanctuary where the the volunteers could care for them. Jen didn't hesitate one second, and took in "Cherry Blossom."The person who left Cherry Blossom claimed to have "found her." However, the majority of the volunteers think that she belonged to him, and he let her live in these horrible conditions. Jen Sale explained:

Most likely she was born into overcrowded, filthy conditions. As a baby, her immune system was still developing, and she kind of got walloped. [...] When she came to us, she was in such excruciating pain that she had shut down. You could see the most incredible sadness and uncomfortableness in her.

Source: Sale Ranch Sanctuary

Despite the pain, Cherry Blossom always remained affectionate towards Jen and her husband. Thanks to creams and careful veterinary care, her skin started to gradually return to normal. The piglet is now unrecognizable, and her hair has started to grow back.

She’s super silly. She’ll play with her ball. She loves her little mud hole. And she gets along with everybody. She runs around with our dogs, she goes over to our barnyard to visit the animals there. She’s just a sweetheart, and all she wants is attention and affection from people. [...] Even though she kind of had a rough start to life, she’s doing very well. She’s going to have a really beautiful life.

Source: Sale Ranch Sanctuary

To support the sanctuary and help them offer the best life to Cherry Blossom, you can support them by making a donationhere.

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