Rescuers Refuse To Give Up On Puppy Trapped 200 Feet Deep In A Well Despite The Odds


One puppy inBeykoz, Turkey,had the most terrifying 10 days imaginable, after he got stuck in a narrow well, 230 feet deep.


Source: Barış ŞENGÜN/Twitter

Residents of the city, just north of Istanbul, heard whimpering coming from the small opening. No human would fit to be lowered and retrieve the dog, so they contacted the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) to help.They used thermal cameras to check on the canine and try and figure out a solution. The images captured show an Anatolian shepherd looking terrified, but very much alive.A tent was placed over the hole to prevent rain from entering and drowning the animal.


Source: Barış ŞENGÜN/Twitter

Rescuers have no idea how the pup managed to fall down the well, as his current size was much to big to be lifted out. They fed him sparingly over the course of the 10 days, so that he would hopefully lose enough weight to be extracted.The case gained national attention with animal advocates and TV stations gathering to check on the beloved dog.He was given a name when the public started calling him "Kuyu" meaning well.


Source: Barış ŞENGÜN/Twitter

The national Energy Minister, Berat Albayrak, contacted the Turkish Coal Institute who has advanced techniques in extracting those trapped in mining disasters.After several days of fervent planning, rescuers, which now included the government, private rescue organizations and the local fire department, decided on a technique devised by a high school student.


Source: Barış ŞENGÜN/Twitter

It was a pseudo-lasso made of steel coil and a rubber hose. The dog was too scared to allow himself to be captured, so rescuers waited for him to fall asleep.This time, it worked, and Kuyu was pulled out surrounded by cheering crowds and well-wishers.


The heartwarming moment was captured on video which you can see below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX9UL5-qUSs[/embed]Veterinarians were on hand to give emergency care to the pup, and he was given fluids and oxygen.


Source: Barış ŞENGÜN/Twitter

The incredible rescue was all thanks to the tireless work and efforts of the many people who refused to give up.What should have been "impossible" had the happiest ending. The dog was adopted by the local fire department, so that Kuyu will always have his saviors close by and he can help save others too.


Source: Barış ŞENGÜN/Twitter

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