Rescuers Notice Strange Bumps On Stray Dog's Skin And Are Horrified When They Discover The Cause

When Shauna Baur heard about a stray dog wandering the streets of her Florida hometown, she knew she had to help.


Source: Shauna Baur

The animal was quite skittish - running away from anyone who tried to come near. She described her experience to Right This Minute:

She was absolutely running from me. Deciding that I’m going to get away from this person and I’m going to swim if I have to. 

Source: Shauna Baur

But slowly, thanks to lots of patience, and some tempting treats, Baur got the dog, who she named Honeybee, to trust her.When she finally was able to pet the canine, she realized that there were strange bumps all over her skin.


Source: Shauna Baur

Baur immediately rushed Honeybee to a vet. They passed a magnet over her body and were horrified at the reaction.They immediately took and x-ray and confirmed what they suspected: Honeybee's body was full of shotgun pellets. The veterinarian described the extent of her injuries:

I don't think anyone expected it to be that severe. The extent of how much she has in her body is the worst we've ever seen by far. In my opinion somebody intentionally shot her.

Most of the pellets were concentrated around her rear, meaning she had no doubt been running away as she was shot at.


Source: Shauna Baur

Thankfully, her strong little body was pushing a lot of the shells out on its own, and the rest will either be left alone or will be surgically removed.


Source: Shauna Baur

She seems to know that she's finally safe and has beenthe sweetest and most gentle dog during her time with Baur.Now, Honeybee is getting stronger so that she will be able to be moved to her forever home. Although the culprit wasn't found, at least she will never have to be afraid again.


Source: Shauna Baur

You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.Watch the full video about her here:[embed][/embed]

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