Rescued Turkey Thinks He's A Dog


Leon is not like other turkeys. Maybe he got wind of the fact that November is not the best time for these feathered friends, but after he was rescued he started acting like a different animal entirely - a dog!Leon is just the right age to have been used for someone's Thanksgiving meal, so it's a good thing that when he was found wandering the streets in Ventura County, California, that the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary took him in.


Source: ABC News

Right away he started behaving in ways that were extremely odd for a wild animal. On his first trip to the vet, he decided to curl up in the vet tech's lap and take a quick snooze!Sanctuary manager, Christine Morrissey described her first interactions with Leon:

He just took to people immediately. He wanted to have kisses on his head and hugs.

The bird also loves to have his belly rubbed just like any of our favorite four legged friends.


Source: ABC News

Leon is turning out to be one smart turkey. Like the rest of his species, he is much more emotionally complex than many would think. Turkeys can memorize a geographical area in order to recall exactly where they can find food. The shelter has even taught him to play games where they hide cranberries under a cup and switch them around so he can guess where they are.One thing is for certain, and that's that Leon is in the best possible place right now. He gets to spend his days relaxing and enjoying being cuddled. If you would like to help donate to his care click here.See the video of Leon below:

H/t: ABC News