Rescued From A Puppy Mill, Ruggles Became BFFs With Chompers, An Abandoned Kitten


Ruggles and Chompers are two adorable, tiny friends with amazing stories. Ruggles is a tiny shih-tzu who was rescued from a puppy mill last year. His little kittenfriend Chompers was found abandonedunder a porch when she was only two days old.When they met in the same rescue shelter, the two quickly became bestfriends. The two little fluff balls loved playing around together as they grew up in the shelter.


Despite their rough start to life, Ruggles and Chompers wishes came true and they were adopted into loving forever homes, and are nowhappier and healthier than ever before!Ruggles is now an official ambassador for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter, the shelter that rescued him from the puppy mill. He and his pet parent visit schools to educate kids on puppy mills and shelter dogs.


Source: @YouTube

You can keep up to date with Ruggles and all his antics on his blogand by following his adoptive mummyVictoria Stilwell.


Source: @RugglesTheShelterPup

For now, let these two friends make your day just that bit sweeter: