Rescued Dog Returns The Favor By Saving Three-Year-Old Boy From Freezing To Death


One North Dakota couple had the scare of a lifetime when their three-year-old son went missing for over seven hours from their family farm. The story could have taken a much darker turn if it was not for the family dog.


Source: KTVL News

Carson Urness was playing outside like any other day while his mother took care of his baby sister inside the house. When she went to check on him around 7:30 p.m., she realized that he was gone.Courtney Urness frantically started searching all over their 10 acre property, but to no avail. After about an hour, her and her husband, Brock, decided to call the police.


Source: KTVL News

It was around this time that they realized that Cooper, a German shepherd, lab, and golden retriever mix, was missing as well. The worried parents hoped that the pair was together.Police sent out a search party of 200 people, 60 four-wheelers, and an airplane, but after several hours they had no luck.At around 2:30 in the morning, right before the search was to be called off for the night, a volunteer decided to make one last sweep with a searchlight.


Source: KTVL News

As the light passed over one of the fields, a head popped up out of the grass. It was Cooper.The dog was laying on top of the boy in an effort to keep him warm in the bitter night air.


Source: KTVL News

The duo ended up one mile away from the farmhouse, and Brock Urness believes that the child was trying to follow him out on his tractor route.The couple suspects it was Cooper's way of paying them back for rescuing him off the side of the road as a puppy. The pup's protective nature most likely saved the life of his three-year-old best friend, and his family will be forever grateful.Watch the video of the incident below:

H/t: ABC News