Rescued Baby Cow Loves Sneaking Back Into Her Family's Home For Cuddles


Meet Beryl, an 8-month-old Brahman calf who lives on an Australian ranch with her human and rescuer, Sally Webster. Beryl's mother died in childbirth in August 2015 leaving her orphaned at just 2 days old, reports The Dodo.But Webster, who runs the ranch, took the baby calf into her home to nurse her herself.She bottle-fed her, raising her like her own until she was strong enough to live outdoors. Beryl also grew up alongside two puppies on the ranch whom she formed a very strong bond with.



A few months on, Beryl is now happier and healthier than ever, spending her days grazing outside.But she hasn't forgotten about her adoptive familyand sometimes she even sneaks into the family home when she sees an open door.So this is what Sally found when she came home from her grocery shop on April 14:



Beryl was just sitting patiently in the living room, waiting for her favourite human to return home. And she didn't even make a mess!



In an interview with The Dodo, Webster explained just how clever the Brahman is:

She has an amazing memory and is very smart, so she knows where the calf milk lives in the laundry. The day she was caught in the lounge took me by surprise. I really didn't expect to see her making herself comfortable sitting on the carpet.

When the calf was young she used to sleep inside with blankets so Webster thinks she must remember that comfort and that's why she likes coming indoors.


Source: @BerylTheBrahman

But Webster added that the calf knows she's not really meant to be inside,"She's just cheeky".One thing's for sure, Beryl adores cuddles with her family. She would be happy spending the day getting belly rubs from her adoptive parents...





And of course, she hasn't forgotten Fred and Wilma, the two puppies she grew up alongside.



You can follow Beryl and all her cheeky adventures on her very own Facebook page!

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